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We just love ice cream!

In the fall of 1993, Tim and Wendy Pitts purchased an Ice Cream World II franchise in Walnutport, PA, where customers young and old have enjoyed quality products year-round for the last 30 years. In addition to enjoying premise-maid ice cream, sherbet, Italian ice, and ice cream cakes at our shop in Walnuport, customers can also find their favorite flavors, novelties, and cakes throughout the Lehigh Valley in various restaurants and wholesale retailers. 


Our name changed to “The Ice Cream Lab” in 2007, when we expanded our mission to include the education of children and built a specially- designed space for birthday parties, field trips, and adult team-building events next to the original shop. In this space, more than 20,000 children from the Lehigh Valley and beyond learned about science, history, and math through entertaining, educational experiments and events. 

Photo of scoopendorf's ice cream company and its owners in 1993


Committed to quality, committed to our customers

In 2016, our lab outgrew its Walnutport space and expanded yet again- this time as a feature sponsor to a 5,120 square-foot pretend city where kids role-play different careers. At the same time, our name became “Scoopendorf’s Ice Cream Company,” a moniker from the creative genius of the owners’ family. Even though Scoopendorf’s no longer sponsors the city, we remain committed to serving our community at our retail shop in Walnutport.


The little shop in Walnutport may not look the same as it did in 1993, but one thing that will never change is our dedication to quality and to our customers. At the heart of our business is the customer. Everything we do is to provide our loyal customers with exceptional service, a memorable experience, and the highest quality products. 

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